This investment serves as a guarantee not only for the fulfillment of European quality standards, food control, but also product monitoring, making it possible for the “Made in Albania” production of “FIX” to have access to the European consumer and not only.

Contemporary German technology for quality and control management systems in the production process that enable closing the cycle of product traceability to the end consumer. The fusion of the craftsmanship of “FIX” professionals with the unique recipes of each product today through this investment can cross the borders of Albania without any hesitation.

The combination of the knowledge of the best European experts in this industry with the passion and courage to not make any compromises with quality, make “FIX” one of the companies with the highest popularity among Albanian consumers.

German expert Hans Naue Schuetz says:

“My name is Hans Naue Schuetz, I am the Manager and technologist of the Moguntia Food Group for the region. I am happy and proud to cooperate with the FIX company to develop its products of the highest quality through support with raw materials that help FIX bring innovation to the market.”