At the prestigious GALA evening hosted by the UNDP team on October 24, 2023, FIX PRO proudly emerged as one of the trailblazing companies in Albania, aligning itself with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. This commendation coincides with the celebration of FIX PRO’s 20th anniversary, serving as an extra impetus for our dedication to an environmentally conscious approach and a heightened sense of social and community responsibility through innovation and diligent work.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers and partners for entrusting us. Our unwavering commitment remains centered on delivering products of unparalleled quality and safety. Furthermore, we are resolute in our mission to elevate our business to new heights of sustainability and worthiness, impacting both our company and society positively.

A special acknowledgment goes to the SDG Business Pioneers Albania team and the Swedish embassy for their invaluable support. Their commitment, both financially and through the exemplary model set by Sweden, propels forward the projects that align with our vision. FIX PRO is honored to be part of this transformative journey and looks forward to continuing our collaboration for a brighter and more sustainable future.