The FIX company has started from April 2021 to offer consumers a new identity, a new philosophy, summarized not simply in a new logo, but in a new vision.

An extraordinary financial investment for an Albanian company in what is known as the “Rebranding” process or the new visual identity of the company starting from the new logo, the redesign of the product packaging and other identifying elements of the company that have undergone transformation.

Unique packaging, which derives from the union of a set of typographic elements designed to ensure the readability and clarity of the information, but also the delicacy and purity of the brand.

The specialty of “FIX” products, which customers have tasted and consumed for 17 years, is precisely the uniqueness that each “FIX” product conveys through its unique recipe. The variety of aromas, the magical combination of spices and the professional treatment of the staff in every process make all the products special.

We thank all of you who have trusted us for years in the unquestionable quality and guarantee of “FIX” products and, moreover, those that have made us a leader in quality such as the unique taste and freshness of Smoked Pancetta, the perfect combination of spices and the fermentation process in raw products such as “Kabanos Special Dry”, “Chorizo” and Hungarian, the mosaic and special taste of “Smoked Ham” and “Turkey Ham” as well as the exclusive “patent” of “Si Qemoti” sausage which carries the traditional Albanian recipe so preferred by many of you.

In the epilogue, the fusion of the new slogan on the logo and on the new packaging comes in the form of a signature, symbolizing through the firm quality and guarantee as the two main words of the “FIX” family since the first day of its creation.

FIX – The taste of family!

The meaning of the new FIX logo:

1. Extremely bold, direct and unique, the new logo makes the brand instantly recognizable.

2. A design element that highlights the product experience and adds all the necessary ingredients to become a successful and dynamic marketing tool.

3. The logo becomes the highlight of the experience of unpacking the product.

4. The slogan is handwritten adding a humane feel to the signature form.