Undoubtedly, the latest venture by the “FIX” company has contributed significantly to the allure of Korça as a tourist destination, marked by the inauguration of the inaugural establishment within the “FIX Delicatessen” network, soon to be expanded to Tirana.

This pioneering endeavor introduces a distinctive concept encompassing an extensive array of offerings including meat, salami, dairy products, spices, and complementary assortments.

Aligned with the overarching vision of the “FIX” company, which prioritizes the creation of exemplary products characterized by superior nutritional value and quality attributes, this initiative represents the inception of Albania’s premier grocery store model, underpinned by the renowned “Delicatessen” concept widely recognized in Europe.

The synthesis of artisanal expertise in product preparation, coupled with the bespoke interior design and service excellence, culminates in an unparalleled sensory experience, setting a new standard within Albania’s culinary landscape.

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